Imagination for Hire


A second chance



Another morning and another body is discovered at the base of an infamous ocean side cliff, but for Marty, a homeless many living in a cliff side shack, the sight is expected. On this occasion, the jumper has left behind a lonely dog, who soon befriends Marty.

Marty and Dog stroll through the bustling beach-side village to a cafe where the generous barista, Sarah, offers Marty free food on the sly. But it's clear that her vivacious personality is just a facade, when Marty notices the bruises on her arms. Later that night, Marty finds Sarah standing at the edge of the cliff. With nothing but a few simple words, Marty gets Sarah to reconsider. Remembering that his wife once did the very same thing, he knows it's only a matter of time before she tries again.

Another day of wandering introduces Marty to Jake, a bewildered boy who is the butt of all his contemporaries jokes. Marty offers him advice about standing up for himself, even though it seems to fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Sarah's attempt to leave her abusive boyfriend is quickly thwarted by a manipulative guilt trip.

Marty soon finds himself saving Jake as well, after he tries to step in front of a truck. Offering more words of wisdom, he brings Jake back from the brink. Marty soon becomes the only person Jake turns to for advice, but Sarah keeps her distance from him. Her life continues to slide into depression, as Marty watches helplessly from the sidelines.

Having developed a powerful ability to know when things are about to go terribly wrong, Marty senses that Sarah is on the verge of another attempt at taking her life. Sweeping in at the last moment, Marty saves Sarah yet again, but her desperation makes her fight him off, until he finally tells her his wife's story, and encourages Sarah to reach out for the help she needs.

Sarah musters up the courage to leave Stu and begin rebuilding her life, with the help of those who care about her. But when she attempts to find Marty again, she is met by nothing but mystery. Who was the strange man who saved so many lost souls and why has he suddenly disappeared?