Imagination for Hire

One Summer Night at the Royal Athenian

Things are about to go haywire at the Royal Athenian Hotel


One Summer Night at the Royal Athenian

As another day begins at the stately and luxurious Royal Athenian Hotel, a secret squabble takes place amongst its corporate retreat guests. Mia, the office hottie, has been tirelessly pursued by both Lance, her dreamboat, and Demitri, her nightmare. Meanwhile Helen, the office eccentric, has been relentlessly pursuing the detached Demitri. Tired of his employee's obtuse flirtations during office hours Edgar, the Big Boss, threatens them all with immediate dismissal should their romantic intentions bubble up during this working weekend.

Meanwhile, a more overt argument takes place in the lobby as hotel owners, Ron and Ania Royal, continue their long standing stand off. With Lead Bellhop, Puck, on Ron's side and Head Concierge, Fari, on Ania's, neither one can get the other to relent. With the potential loss of his 50% share of the hotel in the balance, Ron decides to enlist Puck to set Ania up with a man she cannot refuse... at least not when under the influence of a little purple pill. But where can Puck find such a man?

Meanwhile, joyful greetings take place on the pool deck as a haphazard group of performers known as the King Players have their first meeting. With their premier performance for the corporate guests only 24 hours away, lead actor, Nick Bottom, has just one night to learn how to become a convincing magician.

Meanwhile, Helen's pursuit of Demitri continues to know no bounds, even attracting the attention of Puck and Fari. Puck, convinced of the hotel's ability to coerce romantic feelings out of even the most hard hearted, makes a bet with Fari that Helen will win Demitri over by the morning. Now, with a machiavellian boss to please and a high stakes bet to win, Puck has a long night of scheming ahead of him.