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Rest Stop

“10 Minutes to Pie”

Two young women, on their way to an annual weekend of outdoor debauchery with friends discover the long abandoned Portico Diner, but when they return, just days later, the once dilapidated diner is suddenly fresh and full of life. Once inside, they will discover that things aren't always what they appear to be at the Portico Diner.

“Hear No Evil”

While on the solo road trip of his dreams, Sherman removes his hearing aid in order to enjoy a peaceful picnic by a blaring highway, rendering him totally deaf and completely unaware of the chaotic events about to unfold right behind him. An homage to the comedic greats of the silent movie era, 90% of this episode takes place in total silence.

“Big Things”

A newly formed family unit uses their move from the Gold Coast to Sydney as a bonding opportunity, road tripping to every famous “Big Thing” they can visit along the way. But a trip to the big “ ? ” that has just appeared on their map, might turn out to be the best bonding opportunity of them all.

“From Outer Space”

A group of tourists, trapped in a national park by the crash of an unidentified flying object, get wrapped up in a tense “whodunit” game as the local ranger tries to figure out which one of them is responsible for the mysterious footprints leading away from the cryptic crash site. This tale of prejudiced perception is a re-imagining of Rod Serling's teleplay “Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up” enhanced by some very modern day storytelling twists.

“Haunting the Hipsters”

The small cast and crew of a reality ghost-hunting show explore the most haunted highway in the world. But by going out of her way to assure they capture something film-worthy, their director just might have scared up a few real spooks.

“Cherry Pie”

Back at the Portico Diner, the Waitress and Fry Cook, former low-level crims currently serving out their stint in purgatory, spend a confusing night trying to meet the needs of their only customers, two small children. But as suspicion of the children's real reason for being at the Portico mounts, so do tensions between the Waitress and the Fry Cook.