Imagination for Hire

The Phoenix Effect

Can you be remade?


The Phoenix Effect

Pilot episode “The Reunited” parts 1 & 2

On one side of war is The Unity: an advanced society protected by an army strengthened with healing nanites. Opposing them is the Resistance: simple people who have been pushed to the rural fringes of the world. The ongoing struggle between the two factions have divided Arin, a once weak and awkward boy, from Lia, his tough, high-spirited childhood sweetheart.

Arin, now a Unity Commander, is in charge of securing a disputed border city. But when the city's newly appointed leader is assassinated by a marksman's shot to the brain, one of the few areas nanites cannot heal, Arin captures the assassin only to discover that it is Lia.

Despite their years of separation, the former lovers instantly recognise each other. Faced with the duty of executing the only woman he has ever loved, Arin makes a snap decision to save her life.

When Arin's betrayal is discovered, he convinces Lia to help him escape fatal retribution from the Unity. Lia uses a specialised gun to temporarily disable his nanites, preventing them from emitting a signal. Lia leads Arin into the vast unknown expanses of dangerous territory. During their journey, while Arin's disabled nanites cannot hinder his emotions, they begin to reforge their old bond. Arin also gets a first-hand look into the world of the Resistors, a harsh existence exacerbated by the oppression of the Unity Army. But as they race across Resistance territory, a troop of Unity Soldiers remains hot on their heels.

When they finally reach Lia's secret destination, Arin is taken prisoner by a group of Resistance Soldiers and the full truth is revealed. Lia is not just a rogue assassin, but an integral part of a huge clandestine Resistance Army and wife of the army’s formidable leader, Roland. Now at Roland's mercy, Arin must choose between a life in prison or a life amongst the Resistors, but without his healing nanites. Arin decides to have his nanites extracted and to live as a mortal once again.

The gruelling extraction leaves Arin weak and under mental strain as he freely experiences emotions again. Faced with the prospect of life as an ordinary man, Arin makes a brash decision to join the Resistance Army. He proves his new-found loyalties to the Resistors, and to Lia, not only with the intensive training he endures under Lia's guidance, but also on the battlefield. When the Unity troop arrives at the borders of Roland's territory, Arin must battle to the death against the same soldiers he once commanded.

Despite Arin's shifted loyalties, he remains suspicious of Roland and his increasing power. In an attempt to justify this to Lia, Arin uncovers a great secret hidden by Roland and his fellow army leaders, one that will change the future forever.

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