Imagination for Hire


Features and series written by MMM




In Production

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I’ll Be There

One year after the accidental death of his brother and still haunted by the ghosts of his past, pro surfer Paul refuses to go back into competition. But a coincidental meeting with Lily, an mysterious and effervescent free spirit, soon sees him back on tour, taking chances, and sharing a mixed bag of adventures with his oldest friends.

Currently in pre-production

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Enter Sanctum

In a bleak future where only those with wealth can afford to live in a clean environment, an exclusive complex is built on the foundations of an old mental asylum. But the new residents find themselves suffering from the same mental maladies that once plagued the former occupants, as the kind caretaker becomes the sadistic doctor that once tortured them all.


Award winning script - Currently in post-production 



Dream States

When Thea, a PhD Student researching dreams, becomes a subject in her Professor's enigmatic sleep study, she and the other participants begin to dream of events in their own futures. While trying to understand what might be happening to them, Thea not only discovers the true purpose of her dreams, but also unlocks the full power of her mind.


#1 at the Apocalypse Box Office

Jules is the most useless person in the post apocalyptic world, until he finds an old film camera and determines to make the greatest movie in the new world... the only movie in the new world.  But when a beautiful young actress inadvertently leads a formidable stranger to his hidden hometown, Jules proves he can do far more than direct.


Multiple award placing script - See the short film teaser


The Hive

When an isolated campground gets attacked by a swarm of microscopic aliens, which suck vital chemicals straight out of the brain, leaving their victims catatonic, a group of disparate campers must work together to survive the hive.


Multiple award placing script


One Summer Night at the Royal Athenian

A night of joyful chaos ensues when Lead Bellhop, Puck, takes on the challenge of setting up the boss's wife and attempts to guarantee he wins his bet that love will conquer all who enter the Royal Athenian Hotel. A comedic romp for the modern day romantic, based on William Shakespeare's “A Midsummer Night's Dream”.


Award placing script


The Well

Four childhood friends share one last great adventure together before the responsibilities of adult life pull them in separate directions, but after they perform a wish granting ceremony at a mysterious ancient well, they discover the true price of their desires as each wish comes true.



The Phoenix Effect

In a world long divided by war, a supersoldier empowered by healing nanites, saves the life of an enemy assassin, the only woman he has ever loved.  But to escape retribution from his army and become her ally, he must sacrifice his nanites and fight for the other side as a mortal man, alongside the army's formidable leader, her husband.


Multiple award winning feature length pilot - 3 + seasons of 1 hour episodes



Mayor James Riley, like most of the well-to-do's in his city, doesn't believe in zombies. But when a spirited young activist orchestrates a zombie attack that gets Riley bitten, he's left with 6 days to try and cure the debilitating zombie disease and to save his crumbling city from the increasing zombie hoards, all while fighting his ever growing hunger for flesh.

Limited series - six 45 minute episodes


Rest Stop

Capturing the sense of mystery, wonder and amusement you can only experience at a quirky road-side stop, each self-contained episode of REST STOP takes place at a unique roadside location, incorporating Twilight Zone style twists into plots that range from haunting and macabre to the mundane made hilarious.


Award placing episode - Anthology series of 30 minute episodes



Dissassembly Required

Enticed by a big payday, an ex-military bounty hunter compromises his family's waning stability when he agrees to return an escaped experimental super-soldier who has holed up and taken hostages... inside a local IKEA.

Feature - Written with Ethan Marrell a.k.a. Ozzy Man


Marty, a gruff and forthright homeless man who lives on an oceanside cliff known for its suicides, discovers his purpose after he saves a young woman from adding herself to the statistics. But as more and more lost souls become entangled with Marty, his quest to save them all might just help him save himself.

Feature - Story by Keir Beck